Our Capabilities

Trade Conversion | Paper Rewinding | Paper Sheeting | Coiling Services

CPS Paper Products process around 20,000 tonnes a year, repairing and resizing damaged paper reels and redundant stock and obviously some of their output finds its way to CBS corrugator plant in West Bromwich.

CPS Paper Products pride themselves with two Masson Scott rewinders, a sheeter and a coiler at the Eccles plant. Operating on one extended shift with seventeen employees, CPS can deal with all customers requests by delivering the orders on time, every time.

Being complemented with another counter-reel slitter/rewinder made by a specialist Taiwanese manufacturer of slitting machinery, the paper manufacturer is showing signs of growth and prosperity.

CPS Paper Products’s core business has been rewinding paper for corrugators for over 30 years, using their 2.5m and 2.8m Masson Scott rewinders. Reel handling techniques have improved over the years, but when a reel gets damaged, the Manchester paper manufacturer can quickly turn the reel into a perfectly usable paper.

Trade Conversion & Rewinding

CPS Paper Products are leading experts in repairing damaged reels, whether it’s a crushed core, edge damage or wet damage, our rewinders are able to handle anything.

Paper Sheeting

CPS Paper Products offer a trade sheeting service. Send us your reels and we will sheet them according to your specifications and packing requirements.

Coiling Service

CPS Paper Products offer a trade coiling service. If you send us your reels, we promised that we can coil these to your exact specifications.

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