CPS Paper Products manufacture an extensive range of paper based products that are 100% environmental friendly and provide protection for your items during transportation and storage

Paper Reels

CPS Paper Products are UK's specialist suppliers of standard bespoke sized paper for your needs.

Paper Sheets

We offer a range of materials sheeted to your specific sizes bulk packed or bundled on pallets.

Kraft Paper Packing Rolls

We recently invested in a new counter roller machine. This way we guarantee to satisfy all customer needs.


We are able to cut and rewind large rolls of paper into narrower rolls to your exact specifications, allowing you to be flexible with your packaging.

Bespoke Services

CPS Paper Products are happy to discuses any specific requirements regarding paper and paperboard manufacturing. Our extended capabilities allow us to handle any odd enquiry.

Paper Products: Advantages and Benefits

Paper based packaging is essential for a lot of industries nowadays. Communication, food and consumer products are just a few of the things that have improved based on paper based packaging.

Here at CPS, we stock and manufacture a wide range of paper products such as paper reels, paper sheets, coils, kraft paper packing rolls and other bespoke paper products to suit all your requirements.

Our products are a versatile and cost efficient method to transport, protect and preserve a wide range of items whether it, fragile products or heavy items. We supplies high quality products that are sturdy, yet lightweight and can be customised to meet all customer expectations.

For our environment to stay healthy, we need to promote sustainable practices within our industries. Our manufacturing industry allows us to create products that have a smaller impact on the environment than plastic based packaging.
Using only renewable sources, our paper is completely recyclable and reusable so we reduce the amount of permanent waste created, playing an important role in preserving the quality of our environment.