Paper Sheets

We Supply Paper Sheets to Packaging Companies

We manufacture and supply high quality paper sheets from renewable resources

CPS Paper Products are determined to offer customers the best quality paper products

To maintain manufacturing standards and accomplish all customer needs, CPS Paper Products invested in a brand new sheeter in 2015 to give quicker lead times and fine precision sheeting. Paper can be bulk packed on pallets or wrapped in bundles/packs.

For sheet packaging and interleaving we offer products that are 100% recyclable which also benefits the environment

What is the difference between pure kraft and imitation kraft?

Pure kraft paper is made from virgin materials. On the other hand, imitation kraft paper is made of virgin and recycled materials. Both papers are good quality and provide you with the value that your require.

The main benefits of paper sheets are:

  • Pallet Liners/Layer Sheets
  • Brick Interleaving
  • Interleaving Goods on Pallets
  • Non Slip
  • Product Protection
  • Wrapping
  • Voidfill



  • Pure Kraft
  • Pure Ribbed Kraft
  • MG Kraft
  • MG Ribbed Kraft
  • Imitation Kraft